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Baltimore Chamber Orchestra

Mr. Kibbe is a proud member of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, and performs as a substitute for many orchestras in the greater Chesapeake area.

Pique Collective

He is also a member of Pique Collective, a quintet of modern musicians striving to Be More in B'More by bringing together local artists, craft brews, and lively concerts of new and recent works.


In 2016 Peter began working alongside his duo partner Nonoka Mizukami, marimbist, in a project that they have dubbed Cellimba.  In addition to performing most of the extant works for Cello and Marimba, Peter and Nonoka use arrangements and interpretations of other works to fill out the repertoire for this uncommon and gorgeous pairing of wooden instruments.

NakedEye Ensemble

Performing alongside the talented members of NakedEye Ensemble in Lancaster, PA, Mr. Kibbe is honored to be involved with rare commissions and cutting edge premiers throughout the Northeast.

Mind on Fire

Mind on Fire is a musical arts cooperative, collaboratively presenting contemporary music in Baltimore and beyond.  Mind on Fire strives to engage with an inclusive community through concerts, outreach programs, and special events. 



Peter owns and plays a 2004 Cermonese cello by esteemed luthier Roberto Collini, which he purchased at David Michie Violins in Philadelphia, PA.

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